• You Too Can Use Social Media to Get Leads – Here Is How (Part 2 of 3: Google+)

    In our previous post, we looked at how to boost your lead database using LinkedIn. Today, we shift our focus to Google+ and how it can be turned into another very powerful social lead generation tool.


    Google+ is the most promising social media platform today. Launched in 2011, it has already gathered over 90 million users, 80% of which engage at least once a week1.This makes it the second most popular social networking site after Facebook2.

    Because Google+ was built around the concept of community, it has developed a wide range of original features. Not only have these features contributed to the social networking site’s success, but they can also help you achieve greater results in social lead generation.


    Google+ gives you the ability to divide your network into private groups called Circles. Circles are private in the sense that none of your contacts will be able to know what circles they are in, or who they are in them with.

    From a marketing standpoint, it is an immense opportunity. How convenient would it be to deliver content and communicate with an audience that shares the same interests, demographics and geographic location?

    Personalized Content = Greater Appeal to User = Engagement

    By allowing you to deliver a message specifically tailored to each segment, you are able to reach your customer in a more efficient manner, driving engagement and strengthening your inbound marketing efforts.

    Google Events

    Planning an event is one thing; gathering the right audience is another. Google+ gives you the opportunity to create personalized invitations to your events and send them out to anybody, whether they own a Google+ account or not. The event is directly synchronized onto your Google calendar, which also conveniently displays the list of all attendees.

    Google Authorship

    What if using Google+ could considerably improve your SEO? After all, Google is the world’s #1 search engine. With Google Authorship, you are able to synchronize the content you create to your Google+ account. As a result, not only do you benefit from higher search engine rankings, but Google will also display your picture next to your blog when it appears in search results.


    Quick! Get On the Train, Cause It’s Not Going to Wait For You.

    A study conducted by SearchMetrics has found that, by 2016, more content will be shared on Google+ than on Facebook3; yet, only 40% of marketers use it today4. While many companies will satisfy themselves with following trends, Google+ is your opportunity to BE the trend and excel in social lead generation!

    Let us know how you use Google+ for lead generation (@InvenioMS).

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    Image by Magnet 4 Marketing dot Net (Flickr)