• You are a B2B company, do you use Facebook?

    From a lead generation standpoint, Facebook and other social media sites can be a great avenue to reach and connect with prospects. Businesses are constantly being told to use social media to help with branding and sales efforts, but inquiring minds want to know, does Facebook actually help to drive business?

    Facebook by far is the leader in social media activities and because of this, businesses have a greater chance of reaching prospects by having an active Facebook page. In lead generation, it is important to have a targeted message for a targeted market to ensure that the sales pipeline is filled with stronger leads. Facebook is great for getting the targeted message across because only the prospects that have opted in by liking the page will be able to get updates from your business. If your business has had the ability to generate enough interest in the page, then you already have a greater opportunity to further the sales conversation with those prospects.

    Facebook can be a great tool to help drive business as long as it is used as part of a larger marketing mix. Depending on your business and industry, Facebook alone will not provide a huge lift in closing business deals, but rather a tool to help communicate with current customers and prospects. One of the other great reasons why social media is so important is that it provides businesses with the ability to interact with other businesses in order to develop a network that can be used for referrals. It’s a great way to build rapport and business relationships, while creating brand awareness and managing the organization’s online reputation.

    There seem to be obvious benefits for using Facebook for lead generation tactics which is why you will also find our organization on Facebook (‘Like’ us here). Tell us how you utilize Facebook for your lead generation efforts. Are you seeing a major impact?