Invenio’s Workplace Culture

Experience The Culture Of The World's Best Lead Generation Company

What’s it like to work for a lead generation company that’s perfected the Science of Sales™?


Invenio invests heavily in our work environment and is committed to our team of scientists. We value different opinions and support breakthrough thinking that not only delivers results to our clients, but creates a better work environment for our employees.

Inveniologists™ enrich our laboratories by bringing the very best attributes and perspectives from the cities in which we live. Invenio also believes that leaders who respect diversity empower their workforce, creating a strong business advantage.

Our Culture

“Inveniology™” is what we call it. But the “it” means so many different things to Invenio Sales Scientists™. The Invenio culture is built upon our team. It’s a result of a passionate group of people coming together to make our clients happy and drive our success.

Some scientists believe it’s a product of how Invenio embraces diversity and differences of opinion to create an environment conducive to universal success. Others say it’s our Science of Sales philosophy that allows us to experiment and gain knowledge to improve the daily Invenio work life.

We believe that every Inveniologist brings something special to the table. Our culture provides the opportunity to harness those qualities.

Working with Invenio Solutions™ is an amazing opportunity to tap into your limitless potential, to achieve more and to laugh – a lot. Inveniology is, after all, the culmination of everyone’s skill sets working together to make today better than yesterday. It provides the core of our company strategy, which includes (in order of importance):

  • Our People
  • Our Clients
  • Products And Services
  • Sales Process And Procedures
  • Fiscal Responsibility

Employee Testimonials

“Invenio is more than a business – it’s a family.” – Business Development Representative

“Employees really get to know a lot about what they are selling, and that helps them succeed at their jobs and earn larger bonuses.” – Business Development Representative

“Diversity among employees allows Invenio to customize teams to meet a client’s needs.” – Business Development Representative

“One person can make a difference at Invenio.” – Call Coach

“The training never really stops here. Your supervisor is constantly encouraging you to learn new things.” – Call Coach

“Invenio’s leadership treats their employees as internal customers. Even the company philosophy/guiding principles says people first, then the clients.” – Client Services Manager

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