• Why Your B2B Technology Firm Should Outsource Its Sales Team

    The B2B technology sector is constantly shifting from disruptive trends and new competitors, making it hard to gain a foothold with your sales process.

    In the midst of this volatile market, outsourcing sales or lead generation is often the simplest solution to ensuring top-line growth while remaining flexible for the future.

    Here are just a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing your B2B technology or IT sales process.

    Outsourced Sales Teams Specialize Quickly

    Whether you’re selling SaaS, another type of subscription-based software or a different IT solution, you need a sales team with past experience in the B2B technology industry and the ability to quickly adapt to your particular product’s sales needs.

    An outsourced sales partner becomes a subject-matter expert for your business in just a few weeks—sometimes just a few days—not months, not only in terms of your product, but also for your industry and competition. In fact, the longer they’re on the phone with your prospects and customers, the more valuable front-line feedback they can provide.

    Keep in mind though: Hiring an incompetent outsourced partner could spell doom for your software sales process, so always be sure to thoroughly vet your potential providers before signing an agreement.

    In-House Sales Teams Are Expensive

    Hiring an internal sales team for your B2B technology firm is a lengthy, expensive process. And throughout your onboarding and training phases, your business receives absolutely no return on your heavy hiring investment.

    However, when you hire an outsourced sales team to sell your software or IT solutions, you create a steady, seamless pipeline of revenue that starts flowing in as little as 45 days. In this fiercely competitive B2B tech market, you don’t have time to waste in the hiring and training process, so you need an agile solution that delivers results fast.

    Outsourced Partners Provide A Proof Of Concept Process

    Before you’re ready to take your latest B2B technology solution to market, you probably need a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate your target market’s level of interest. With an outsourced sales partner, you’re able to test the market viability of your product or service without investing heavily in an in-house sales team.

    Once your concept is proven, you already have in place a complete outsourced sales program that is highly scalable and replicable from that starting point. After all, if an outside partner produces viable ROI during your POC phase, that same partner should be able to congruently grow your revenue once you invest further with them.

    Outsourced Teams Tap New Market Opportunities

    By outsourcing sales or lead generation, your business gains the opportunity to reach beyond its established prospect verticals and into new markets or opportunities you wouldn’t normally have contacted.

    For example, if two-thirds of your company’s traditional sales targets are typically found in one vertical or geographic area, an experienced B2B technology outsourced sales partner helps you find qualified leads in new verticals or regions where you don’t have a strong referral network or an established presence. By using an outsourcer to go after these new opportunities, your in-house sales team can continue to focus on closing deals with your current customer base.

    The B2B technology sector is too unpredictable and changing for a heavy internal hiring investment. Rather, you need an outsourced sales or lead generation team that is adaptable and will help you capitalize on new trends and emerging markets without the commitment of an in-house sales team.

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