• Why You Need A B2B Medical Sales Professional Despite Digital Nurturing

    So, you have a ton of digital channels created to entice marketing-ready prospects to your healthcare product solutions. From these online channels, you may notice an uptick in website traffic, likes or shares of content and, eventually, people submitting some or all of their contact information to start a conversation with your B2B medical sales team.

    Despite all of this, converting prospects into a sales-ready lead requires more than someone from your medical sales team jumping in and backing a prospect into a corner to close the deal.

    Healthcare Buyers Are People-Oriented

    Healthcare buyers require a conversation during their buyer journey and, particularly during the middle of the sales funnel, they require phone interactions that lead to in-person meetings before moving into the decision phase of the purchasing process.

    To really drive your healthcare sales strategy, you need to know how your buyers buy, how they want to interact with you, when they want to interact with you and, in the end, what they ultimately need from you.

    You must do the baseline, foundational research to ensure your assumptions about the healthcare buyers you’ve targeted are in line with market realities. Then, and only then, is your team able to take that knowledge and influence the enterprise sale.

    Engagement Peaks During The ‘Solutions Phase’ Of The Sales Process

    It’s not called the “buyer’s journey” for nothing, just like a person typically can’t propose marriage on the first date. While a healthcare buyer may have submitted their email address or phone number to you, there’s still a long sales cycle during the solutions phase.

    During the middle sales funnel stage, your buyer is likely considering your company as well as your competitors, defining how your medical device or SaaS product fits with their business needs. The buyer wants to fully understand that your product is superior to all others currently on the market.

    There’s also likely a gatekeeper involved during this time as well, and at the onset you aren’t going to reach the actual decision-maker, like a CFO. The CFO is relying on the gatekeeper’s reports, and will become engaged if intrigued.

    How A B2B Medical Sales Professional Helps Drive Your Team

    A medical sales expert is able to open your team’s eyes up to a few major components that create a healthy, successful healthcare sales strategy. Through tenure and experience, the professional knows how to:

    • Identify the champion in the buying process
    • Establish a robust client advocacy program
    • Participate as a thought leader to exemplify authority
    • Optimize all campaign materials for the search and solutions phase

    However, the right B2B medical sales professional should offer to train your team, dialing into each salesperson’s strengths. Through training, the expert also ensures your CRM platform is being used to its fullest potential and offering guidance to gain insight into the conversion cycles of your medical sales.

    These are the strategies and tactics that allow your sales team to have smart conversations with healthcare buyers, based on foundational research that honors today’s buyer journey.

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