• Why Business Can’t Simply Rely on Marketing Automation Alone

    You’ll hear time and time again that in lead nurturing, marketing automation is key. Make no mistake, marketing automation and the companies that specialize in it make lead nurturing very easy on businesses. These tools can help you organize your contact information, manage the contact marketing campaigns and even handle scoring prospect behavior to help you determine which ones are valid leads. While marketing automation is great in managing the pipeline, it cannot be used as a sole marketing channel in building a prospect database.

    The reason why marketing automation cannot be the only avenue to develop a database is due to a natural decay that happens with contact information. Overtime individuals move out of positions or leave companies forcing your sales team to reinitiate the sales conversation with a new contact. According to Hubspot, “In B2B marketing on average after 1 year, lists only retain 75% of their members due to overturn at companies. Marketing lists have a tendency to expire at a rate of 25% a year.”

    To combat this issue, companies need to implement lead generation activities that will continue to find new business to take the spot of the expired contacts. Lead generation telesales activities that call to confirm valid contact information is a useful technique as telesales agents can cleanse the database and purge prospects that are invalid. This way businesses are making the most out of their marketing automation efforts by only contacting potential customers.

    How does your organization keep your prospect information up to date? How have you used marketing automation in your lead nurturing efforts?