• Why B2B and B2C Sales Lead Generation Is Not The Same

    Telemarketing is still a good way to sell goods and services and generate leads. Yet, what works well for companies selling to consumers isn’t going to work as well for companies selling complex products and services to businesses. Why? Because the buying processes for B-to-B and B-to-C Sales Lead Generation are completely different.

    Why B-to-B sales lead generation is different.

    B-to-B sales lead generation is complex. Not only do you have to consider selling to multiple decision makers, you must also take into account your prospects’ industry trends and forecasts, budgetary constraints, a sales cycle that can take up to a year or more, and a host of other issues.

    • Good leads start with in-depth research. To sell effectively, you must know the competitive dynamics of your prospects industry and have the insight on how those dynamics influence purchasing decisions.


    • Identify all decision makers and influencers. Unlike consumer products, which are usually purchased by an individual, high-tech products and services come with buying groups or teams made up of diverse individuals – all of whom have their own unique interests, needs and preferences. To close more sales, you must identify all decision makers, influencers and end-users of your product or service and then speak each person’s “language.”


    • Conduct “peer-to-peer” conversations. If you outsource your lead generation function, this element is crucial. You must ensure call center representatives are highly skilled and highly trained. Your prospects, who may be CEOs, EVPs, IT managers and the like, expect to talk with people who know their industry, their company, and their products. Don’t let poorly paid TSRs (Telemarketing Sales Reps), who are under the gun to make 200 or more calls a day, represent your business.


    • Nurture long-term prospects. In B-to-B, buying cycle can be long – sometimes up to a year or more. Sales people, who are naturally focused on prospects ready to buy, tend to neglect not-so-hot prospects, essentially leaving the door open for your competitors. To avoid this danger, develop strategies for long-term nurturing using the phone, direct mail and other methods.


    • B-to-B lead generation is a complex process. Strategies that are effectively being used to increase sales for B-to-C don’t necessarily transfer over to B-to-B.


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