• Who Said Direct Mail Was Dead?

    The way we communicate today has strongly been influenced by the creation of Internet, email, and social media. People more and more interact with each other on digital platforms, and do not seem to attach much importance to pen and paper anymore. In this environment, one might wonder whether marketers can still count on direct mail to support their marketing efforts and generate ROI. Is direct mail dead?

    Source: Robert S. Donovan

    Before addressing this question, let’s take a look some statistics in order to see where direct mail stands today:

    • 78% of people either read or scan advertising mail sent to their household1
    • 79% of B2B professionals consider direct mail to be “effective” or “very effective”2
    • The response rate for direct mail campaigns is 2% for non-targeted mail, and 6.5% for highly personalized mail3

    Still think direct mail is dead?

    A common misconception is to think that digitalization is pushing traditional communication methods to become extinct; in reality, they are merely evolving. While the medium is still the same, its purpose has changed.

    The Abundance of Information vs. the Scarcity of Value

    Rather than using direct mail for outbound promotion, what if you used it for inbound marketing? The last thing people want to see land in their mailbox is junk mail regarding your company and its products. On the other hand, what they are constantly looking for is value – and direct mail is one of the best ways to deliver it to them.

    Using direct mail allows you to engage a sense that is neglected by other forms of communication: touch. Offering physical content will allow you to offer your leads a unique and memorable experience with your brand. Jimmy Nicholas, owner of B2B marketing firm JimmyMarketing.com, achieved over 700% in ROI by sending out boomerangs to his prospects. He explains how in this video.

    Use direct mail to deliver palpable and targeted content to delight your leads and help them smoothly descend through the sales funnel.

    What is the most memorable direct mail experience you have ever experienced with a brand? (#mailimpact)


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    Photo by Robert S. Donovan