• When to Hire an Outsourced Sales Partner

    A business looking for a sales solutions partner today might come across various models of solution providers. The motivation to seek out a sales solution externally, however, stems from one of two conditions:

    1. Too many leads for an internal sales team to qualify timely and efficiently or
    2. Not enough qualified leads for sales teams to close.

    In either scenario, the sales pipeline is underperforming and the need to introduce additional resources to get sales qualified leads into the pipeline becomes apparent.

    At Invenio Solutions®, we recognize that our Sales Scientists™ are unique in the service they offer. To determine whether or not we can enter into a strategic sales partnership with a business, we evaluate potential partners based on the following parameters:

    The size of the business

    If you seek out an enormous sales “engine” that is driven toward annual revenue cycles of $50 Million or higher, a strategic partnership with an outsourced sales partner is the engine that can generate additional revenue by bolstering the quality and quantity of leads in your pipeline.

    The number of inside sales professionals within the business

    If your business has an inside sales team in place, then an outsourced sales partnership can successfully supplement their work by providing additional sales qualified leads and freeing the inside sales team to focus further down the lead funnel on closing or being the extra hands to help close. For example, Invenio’s Sales Scientists would be an extension of your inside sales team already in place.

    The size of the prospect database

    Depending on the size of the database and the speed with which your business wants prospects contacted is a direct indicator to the nature of the partnership – the larger the database, the more long-term and sustainable the partnership is. This factor also directly impacts the number of Business Development Representatives assigned to manage the sales partnership.

    Lack of infrastructure

    If your business does not have the physical capability to hire, train and manage an inside sales team – a venture that requires additional real estate and human resources – a sales partnership with a vendor such as Invenio can overcome that hurdle. Our Sales Scientists are housed on-shore, within our offices, and receive metrics-based training to equip them in both the product and process specific to your business.

    Need for actionable metrics

    To track the success rate of an inside sales team requires actionable metrics based on multiple performance indicators. A good outsourced sales partner will address this need from the very beginning – from hiring to training to coaching. For example, at Invenio, a team of Sales Development Coaches extensively monitor the performance of each Sales Scientist dedicated to your program with a laser focus on client success.

    Need for inside sales expertise

    “Just because you can build the machine does not mean you can sell it.” Lead generation, appointment setting providers and even full cycle sales partners can make an especially advantageous partner for businesses that are experts in their specific product but lack the expertise of an inside sales team. Our Sales Scientists master the products and processes around your business and apply their scientific approach, strategy and experience to drive new sales.

    Lack of CRM knowledge and/or accessibility

    A key component of a successful sales program is the implementation of a CRM system. Fluency in CRMs such as SalesForce, with specific developmental software integrated inside the CRM, provides our Sales Scientists the capability to conduct full-cycle sales with a click, versus a client’s inside sales team that may struggle with a more arduous path to achieve the same effect.

    If, as a business, you seek out a true sales partnership for lead generation, appointment setting or full cycle sales, then your business stands to benefit enormously from outsourcing inside sales to a true long-term sales solutions partner such as Invenio Solutions. For more information about what a partnership with Invenio offers, contact us here.

    To find out more about Invenio Solutions, check out our Resources page, full of industry leading practices and sales-specific information for your business.