• What’s Involved in the Lead Development Process

    Lead development is becoming a popular term in today’s business to business sales world. Lead development is a lead management process from beginning to end, encompassing everything from lead generation to lead nurturing to closing revenue. The process is incredibly involved and figuring out the best way to implement a proper lead development process can be challenging. That’s why we’re here to help break down lead development into manageable pieces.


    – The most important aspect of the lead development process is acquiring prospects. This is done through acquiring a valid database of prospective customers. This task alone can be very daunting for businesses and there are many ways to obtain a database.

    Oftentimes prospects can be found through effective inbound and outbound marketing techniques that persuade a prospect to explore the company’s website, blog, webinar, etc. This can also be done through events as well as a savvy social media campaign – anything that connects an organization to the prospect through an open line of communication.

    The focus here is on finding the next customer which is why it is important to figure out the right way to attract new business. This is the reason why many firms will look to some sort of lead generation process to uncover new leads.


    – the next step in the lead development process is connecting with prospects. A popular technique is employing a lead generation telesales campaign that can uncover true sales leads. Lead generation telesales efforts can rapidly profile a business’ target market, reaching qualified prospects to find the ultimate decision makers. This is done through a BANT process, which involves confirming budget, authority, need and timeline of the prospects purchasing interest.

    Through telesales lead generation, businesses can improve their sales productivity by delivering only the most qualified leads as well as maintaining a predictable flow of qualified buyers in the sales pipeline. Trust us, sales teams will be thankful for a source of leads that are pre-qualified. They no longer have to focus the majority of their time on cold calling efforts and can simply focus on generating closed revenue.

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