• What is lead development?

    From prospecting, to lead nurturing and eventually to closed business, lead development is managing the prospect throughout the entire lead process. In telesales lead generation it starts at contacting a prospect database and talking to decision makers to uncover lead criteria to determine if a business need exists. It is also includes a database cleanse, meaning removing prospect information that is expired to provide clients with an accurate list of prospects.

    From a lead nurturing standpoint, lead development is hand-holding the prospect, with regular and personalized communication, sending targeted information at just the right time during the buying cycle. This is done to discover if they have a pain, if we are able to provide a solution to that pain and staying with them until just the right time when they are ready to purchase.

    Lead development is an integral part of running a successful business. Lead development helps to uncover new leads that will continually fill the sales pipeline. To learn more, check out What’s Involved in the Lead Development Process on Invenio’s Resources page.