• Voicemail Best Practices in Lead Generation

    Lead generation sales professionals are always looking for new opportunities to contact prospects. Sometimes in cold calling lead generation it can be difficult to get in touch with the decision maker and as a result, inside sales professionals call multiple times to reach the prospect. Sometimes sales professionals leave voice messages and other times not. From our experience, the messages below have been effective in garnering the attention of prospects, even getting them to return our calls.

    Make it short – Seems simple enough, right? Put yourself in the prospects’ shoes for a minute. Do you really want to hear a sales person do a feature/benefit dump on your voicemail with a five minute message? No, of course not and it would take only seconds to delete the message and go on with your day. As a result, inside sales professionals must make the voicemail short and to the point. Simply stating your name, organization and the reason for calling will be sufficient for the first message.

    • “Hi Jane this is John from Acme Inc. I wanted to take a moment to ask you a few questions about _____.  I can be reached at…”


    Please don’t delete this! – It has been a few days since you last called your prospect and it is now time to follow up. Just like we mentioned above, if you get their voicemail again, keep it short, however this time try a new technique. This is the “please don’t delete this message” approach and it is best used when you have called the prospect more than once and just can’t seem to get ahold of them. It is also good to set a time in which you plan to call back (but make sure you call when you say you will).

    • “Wait! Before you delete this, this is John from Acme Inc. I want to let you know I will be calling again at 3pm to discuss if
      your organization would be a fit for a new opportunity.”


    Voicemail dump – Another technique sales can incorporate in cold calling lead generation is the voicemail dump. This type of voicemail is essentially the break-up message. You have attempted to reach the prospect unsuccessfully a number of times and for
    fear of becoming a stalker have decided to move on to other opportunities.

    • “Hi Jane, this is John from Acme Inc. again. I’m sorry we were never able to connect, but this is the last time I will be
      calling. If you get a moment, I can be reached at…”


    What are the voicemail success stories you can share? What has worked best in your business? If you adopted these practices, what was the outcome? Did you find more prospects returning calls?