• Using Google+ for Lead Generation

    Using Google+ for Lead Generation

    The use of social media is becoming increasingly important to companies that want to build and maintain a presence online, and it is also growing in popularity as a lead generation tactic. Google+ is one of the social avenues that, if utilized properly, can be a great asset in terms of lead generation . Here are a few ways to increase your chances of successful lead generation by using Google+.

    About Google+ Business

    At more than 500 million registered users, Google+ is growing rapidly. What’s more, Google+ Pages for Business amplify opportunities for engagement by attracting traffic that can be used for generating leads. A great tool for SEO purposes, a Google+ business page can also serve to increase your site’s search rankings overall, as Google+ has been shown to have influence on Google Search rankings.

    What to Utilize

      The “About” Section

      Filling in the “about” section seems like a common-sense step, but it is actually often overlooked by businesses. This page is a quick and easy way to introduce your business. You can also use this section to link to relevant pages on your site, directing prospects to information about your services.

      Google+ Circles

      Google+ Circles are extremely convenient for businesses in that they allow you to segment your audience and engage with leads in a targeted manner. These Circles allow you to customize content for each segment, speaking to a leads needs and interests.

      The +1 Button

      Embedding Google’s +1 button on your website or blog does what the addition of any social media sharing button does: it brings you free publicity and allows your site visitors to share your content to their social networks easily, without having to leave your site. This uptick in social presence can serve as an important step in expanding the reach of your company’s messages, leading to an increase in lead generation.

    Best Practices for Lead Generation with Google+

      Post Engaging Content

      Creative, unique content always wins out over stale, repetitive content when it comes to engaging searchers. Keep your content relevant and information-rich. Additionally, driving Google+ traffic to landing pages with short forms to capture key lead information is a way to generate leads.

      Always Optimize

      Make your Google+ copy SEO-friendly. The more easily you can be found, the more leads you will be able to generate. Apply this to your “about” section as well as your posts. Including the appropriate keywords makes it much more likely that you will appear in search results for those terms.

      Claim Ownership

      Set up Google Authorship, which lets Google authenticate you as a quality source of content. By setting up author verification wherever you produce original content (such as your company blog) and properly linking to relevant content, you will build your credibility with Google+, and in turn, Google Search.