• Uncovering the Truth Behind B2B Inquiry Management

    While inbound inquiries can come from various sources, according to a recent benchmark survey we conducted, web inquiries represent the most significant source. While this finding was not a shock to us at The Lead Dogs, we were shocked by some of the stats we uncovered when we asked companies across the US questions about how they follow up with these inquiries. So much so, we created a Special Report, The Truth Behind Web Inquiry Management, to provide insight into the significance of web inquiry management and where the market stands in relation to proven best practices.

    Because the stats featured in our report captured the attention of many sales and marketing professionals, Mike Wallen, CEO of The Leads Dogs and an expert in B2B Inquiry Management, was recently featured in a blog where he was interviewed on this subject by Mac McIntosh, a noted authority on business-to-business lead generation, marketing and sales lead management. In fact, throughout this interview, Mike was asked questions on some of the interesting findings of our benchmark study, as well as was asked to provide insight into web inquiry management best practices. Be sure to read more on B2B Inquiry Management, download our special report or visit Mac McIntosh’s blog interview.