• Creating Brand Champions: Enabling Your Sales Team to Share Your Content

    Brand Champions“Content Marketing” may sound like just another marketing trend sweeping the marketing teams of large corporations across the nation.  However, there’s more than meets the eye…as Google’s algorithms get smarter and better at finding the quality, non-spammy digital information people need on the internet, marketers everywhere have learned that if they are going to market in the digital space, what they are sharing must truly be useful and informative to potential buyers—no more one-sided harsh sales pitches—now it’s all about starting a dialogue with your potential (and current) customers, by sharing information that is valuable to them for growing their own businesses or that helps them personally in some way, and becoming a trusted advisor.

    You may notice this shift matches what has already happened in the world of sales—people don’t necessarily like to be sold to, but they love to consume information and they love to buy, so being a winning salesperson became about handling objections by offering helpful information and becoming a trusted advisor to a potential and current client—it became about developing a relationship.

    So, of course you want your content marketing and branding strategy to match the sentiments of your sales team, by sharing high quality information your potential clients search for and that show the personality and value of your business.  Once your marketing team has that down, how do you get the message as far as possible?  After all, it doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one is looking at it, or if they can’t find it!  The answer? Enable your sales team, company leadership and any other influencers within reach to become brand champions.  Here’s how…

    Get Relevant Content into Their Hands Fast

    Any good marketing team should have a strategy and tactical plan for creating and sharing relevant content to your company’s target market—and part of that plan should be having their sales team share it!  Content such as posted articles, blog posts, press releases, and anything new or of interest on your company website is fantastic content for your sales teams to share on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles.

    Make it Easy for Them to Find & Share

    Another key component of turning your sales team into brand champions is understanding that it’s not necessarily their first priority—they’re trying to always be closing, after all!  So, the most successful way for including sales teams in killer content strategies is to make it incredibly easy for sales team members to find and share the content you’ve created.  Email links to your content and a short, bulleted summary of the content to your sales teams.  Perhaps even include suggested “blurbs” for them to use when sharing, tell them which social media outlets to use, and even suggest they mention it in their next email to prospects.  Share a content calendar with them and stick to it, so they know what content to expect and can plan sharing it into their week.

    Get Their Feedback

    The best way to keep your sales team engaged in your content strategy is to make them a part of it!  Everyone likes having their opinion heard, especially if they’re helping out by sharing your marketing content.  Sales teams can offer priceless insights on what the latest trends are with their customers and prospects, what issues they may be having, even what’s going on with the competition.  This constant feedback loop will also help you keep offering them the most relevant content available for their prospects and clients, and your sales team will be glad to share content they had a hand in planning.

    Track and Report on Progress

    How else will you know how your content is doing and how to make adjustments?  If you track your sales team’s content sharing and the incremental prospect and client interaction that goes along with it, you can better understand which content resonates with your target demographic.  You can also create positive reinforcement by recognizing the sales team members that have gone above and beyond as brand champions, and work with the ones who haven’t to get them onboard.

    Well, there you have it.  If you want to strength your brand and broaden your brand footprint, enable your sales team to be content champions and brand ambassadors.  Need to get a team of experienced salespeople sharing your brand, products and services in a snap?  We can help!  Contact us today.