• The “X” Factors. Key Workforce-Centric Qualities of Outsourced Sales Providers

    Are you looking for an outsourced provider to act as a trusted advisor and operate as a true extension of your team? Or, are you wondering if your current provider is qualified to represent your organization and reaching their full potential?

    When outsourcing sales to a third party, it is important that the provider you work with consistently delivers exceptional results. To do this, they must have a solid foundation consisting of an experienced and passionate workforce. The employees of the provider you select will be the voice and face of your company, so it is essential that they have the experience needed to deliver results and positively reflect the image that you wish to portray. The more experienced they are, from the top down, the better the quality of service they will deliver.

    In order to find an outsourced provider that will maximize your sales success, there are four essential workforce-centric qualities the firm must have:

    1. A highly-skilled executive team that is partner-focused, has driven numerous successful engagements and inspires success throughout the entire organization.

    As the top level of a company, the executive team can influence the atmosphere throughout the entire organization. Not surprisingly, companies that experience the most success have an executive team comprised of people with exceptional leadership abilities. These are the types of people who drive their employees to succeed.

    It is also important that the executive team have diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, so each person will bring a unique perspective to client engagements. Having multiple points of view working together on a project reduces the likelihood of groupthink and increases the likelihood of innovative ideas being brought to the table.

    Another essential quality for an executive team to have is a passion for sales. When the leaders of a company are passionate about what they do, the passion becomes contagious and spreads through the entire organization, creating a culture focused on sales success.

    The executive team should also be focused on building long-term relationships with clients. This type of partner-focused engagement style is mutually beneficial for both parties involved, as the services provider is able to have an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and processes, leading to better results.

    2. An extensive hiring process designed to uncover top talent with a passion for sales and the experience to drive results.

    According to the Harvard Business Review, 80 percent of turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions. In order to overcome the “churn and burn” environment typically encountered in the telesales industry, successful firms utilize innovative hiring processes.
    Taking a scientific hiring approach, analyzing and screening each applicant thoroughly, identifies top talent with the passion, skills and experience to drive results in a sales environment. This is in stark contrast to the typical mass hiring process used by many outsourced services providers. When outsourced providers carefully select their workforce, companies are assured that they are only hiring the best applicants, those with pizzazz and a passion for sales. This innovative hiring process involves not only looking at someone’s resume, but their DNA. Their ambition and drive, influence and personality are all examined in order to build a complete profile.
    The hiring process should also extend beyond traditional interviews and incorporate multiple qualitative and quantitative evaluations to gain an in-depth look into an applicant’s potential for success. Through evaluating an applicant’s passion for sales, experience and cognitive abilities, hiring managers are able to get an in-depth look into the person’s core strengths and weaknesses.

    3. Rigorous and ongoing training programs that bring employees up to speed quickly and continue to increase their sales abilities.

    In addition to hiring the right person, training is an important aspect that contributes to an individual’s success. As thriving companies know, it is important to invest time in each employee to maximize her/his potential and boost results. Onboarding training is important and occurs immediately after someone is hired. But in order to foster continuous improvement, salespeople need ongoing education to ensure they are always on top of their sales game.

    When employers offer these programs throughout the person’s tenure, it enables the salesperson to perform at her/his best and deliver results to the client above and beyond an individual’s goals. One study conducted by Linkage Inc., a leadership development consultancy firm, found that organizations that provide career skill development are more than four times less likely to lose employees and over twice as likely to be more productive than those organizations that do not.

    In addition to general skills trainings, it is important that an outsourced provider offers training programs unique to each client. Since every client is different, this training ensures the employees have an in depth understanding of the products, services and processes specific to that client.

    4. A consistent and effective management style that encourages employee success, high performance consistency and job satisfaction.

    Successful companies have managers who are the cream of the crop, having risen through the ranks with a wealth of experience gained along the way. They are able to bring this experience to client engagements and serve as guides to their teams.

    A consistent management approach and methodology is essential in order to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction and productivity. This approach should include team meetings to ensure that the group is making progress. Additionally, one-on-one meetings with employees allow the managers to keep track of individual employees’ progress and helps to build a sense of trust between the employee and the manager.
    Potentially the most important aspect of an effective management style is ongoing performance reviews. Having regular reviews with employees, where goals and expectations have been clearly defined, ensures that all employees remain at the top of their sales game, are aware of areas where improvements can be made and maintain high performance. These meetings also promote continuous skills improvement at both the individual and the team level.

    Select Wisely and Boost Program Success

    In order to have a successful engagement with an outsourced sales provider that delivers off-the-chart results, there are many factors to consider. It is essential the provider you partner with has an experienced and passionate workforce built through an innovative hiring process and enhanced with ongoing training programs. The better their workforce is, the better your results will be. In addition, the organization should be led by an experienced executive team who utilizes a consistent and effective management style to foster an internal corporate culture focused on sales success. Ensuring your outsourced sales services partner exhibits these key qualities will provide you the extra fuel needed for your engagement to receive exceptional results, far exceeding the results you can expect to find from a company where these qualities are not present.

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