• The Top 3 Benefits of Using a Non-Scripted Sales Approach in B2B Telesales

    Sales scripts have been utilized in B2B telesales for many years, and while it is possible to reach sales quotas using this method, taking a non-scripted approach can further boost sales results. By putting prospects at ease, opening the lines of communication and building relationships with prospects, sales reps are able to better connect with prospects and convert them into customers.

    1. Opening the Lines of Communication
    Speaking freely without the constraints of a sales script allows the lines of communication to be open. Without a script, the sales conversation can flow naturally, as if it is a regular, everyday conversation. This allows the sales rep to gain an understanding of the concerns and needs of the prospect.

    By having an understanding of these concerns, the sales rep is better able to address them and position their offering as a solution. In other words, taking a non-scripted sales approach in B2B telesales allows the sales rep to focus on the needs of the prospect, rather than offering blanket statements that may or may not be applicable to their needs.

    2. Putting Prospects At Ease

    Additionally, prospects are more at ease when speaking with a rep who is able to speak freely. When a prospect receives a call that sounds too “salesy,” they tend to immediately tense up and are not likely to freely give any in-depth information to the salesperson.
    In contrast, a call that has a casual, non-sales focused tone will help the prospect to be more comfortable giving key information to the sales rep. Rather than trying to close the sale within the first call, successful sales reps understand that many prospects are uneasy with hard sales tactics. They will instead seek to build a relationship gradually and close the sales after a period of time.

    3. Building Relationships with Prospects

    In many B2B telesales situations, it is unlikely that all leads will be ready to purchase upon their first contact with a sales rep. In fact, it is common that the sales process is lengthy and involves multiple decision makers. Since every company has a different process, it is important for a sales rep to have an understanding of this process in order to adapt their sales strategies to fit the company.

    By having an open line of communication with a prospect, the B2B telesales rep is able to build an interactive relationship with the prospect in which information can be shared mutually, benefitting both parties. This approach enables the prospect to see the sales rep as a trusted advisor, one who they can come to with relevant questions or concerns throughout, and even after, the purchasing decision process.

    Since every prospect is different, it is important to approach each call differently. By utilizing a non-scripted approach, sales reps are able to better connect with prospects than when they are not restricted by a sterile sales script. By better connecting with prospects, a mutual relationship is formed and the likelihood of converting the prospect to a customer increases.