• The Strategy Behind Lead Nurturing Programs

    Not all qualified leads are created equal, but they can all be equally as important to your bottom line. Some leads that come in are sales ready, and should be quickly passed on to members of the sales team to begin their journey down the funnel. Others, on the other hand, may be longer-term opportunities, which have the potential to be just as profitable, if not more.  This is where lead nurturing programs come into play, and why they are so important.

    B2B lead nurturing programs are designed to help nudge these qualified, but not sales-ready leads into the pipeline. It is through these lead nurturing programs you can educate and inform those leads that are in the early stages of consideration or on the fence, about the benefits of your product(s) or service(s) all while keeping your company top-of-mind.

    While executing lead nurturing programs, it is important to think wisely about every contact you make. Your goal is to become a trusted advisor and create thought leadership, so it is important not to have your lead nurturing activities feel as if they are simply a sales pitch, as it is messages like these that have the potential to turn away many of these longer-term leads.

    At Invenio Solutions®, we work with many clients on integrated lead nurturing programs and help them uncover new opportunities in their database.  The results consistently show that nurtured leads convert to sales at a 3 times higher rate than net new leads on average.