• The Role of Marketing Automation Services in 2013

    2013 is right around the corner and with the coming New Year comes a chance to revamp your sales and marketing strategies.  There are several trends emerging for the upcoming year and it is important to stay relevant and keep up with these trends, specifically those involving marketing automation services.  2013 promises to see some changes in the advantages and uses of marketing automation services, and understanding the importance of marketing automation could make a major difference to your business.

    At its core, marketing automation helps increase productivity by allowing you to:

    • Monitor where a prospect is in the sales cycle
    • Engage personally with buyers by responding based on their past activities
    • Eliminate the need to sift through a high volume of leads manually


    These features can give you a serious advantage in uncovering a greater volume of high quality leads and provide strategic guidance on how to nurture those leads to generate revenue.

    B2B sales and marketing has seen a rise in the use of marketing automation services, and in turn the industry has experienced tremendous growth.  Riaz Kanani, member of the Direct Marketing Association’s  Email Council, predicts that marketing automation will play a key role in future sales and marketing plans.

    “I fully expect 2013 to see a significant rise in the use of marketing automation software,” Kanani said in an interview with the Direct Marketing Association.  “It’s a platform that allows you to tie together not just your email programs, but your wider programs,” said Kanani, “so it integrates your events, your inbound marketing, your sales teams all together to allow you to understand the behavior of your potential customers and understand how they are interacting with your company, so that you can work with them to accelerate and hopefully narrow down the sales cycle, and therefore deliver increased revenue.”

    So, don’t let your 2013 go by without exploring how marketing automation can play a key role in your organization by  boosting sales success, helping you run more efficiently and allowing sales to achieve the highest level of productivity.