• The 5 Step Sales Hack That Makes Top Performers

    We have all been there in our sales roles – knowing that we could be putting up more sales than what our numbers reflect.  We look back at the last set of results and ask “What happened?” We’ve all started over at the beginning of the week/month/quarter.  We’ve also all been there – with the best intentions to be #1, but we fall short.

    How can I get better?  Asking for help is not a weakness – weakness is the avoidance of seeking feedback and guidance.  There is a direct and proportional relationship between actively seeking guidance and achieving goals.

    When was the last time you actively sought out feedback and utilized it to set your next goals?  My hope is this simple process will help you to reach your goals in your sales career.

    This 5 step sales career hack has helped me:

    • Produce at 400% quota as an inveniologist
    • Earn 3 promotions in 5 years
    • Exceed 107% to strong monthly goals 9 times as a Sales Manager


    5 step sales hackThe first step is goal setting, and I’m not using the word quota here.  Look at what the sales leaders are doing.  Calculate the top 10% performers.  Then, break down a series of stair steps to get to that goal.  Review your bonus structure, then reach for targets that will match your career goals with your personal goals. Write it all down.



    Next, fully embrace the concept of your personal bests. This is where we thoughtfully note the best markers we have achieved, and tactically set out to improve on those bests every day.  Of course bottom line sales results are included here, but so are the activities that lead to those successes.

    How do you eat an elephant?
    One bite at a time.

    How many prospects will you need to achieve your next goal? What are the key measurements in your pipeline? What checkpoints within the day/week/month will you have in place to measure against your personal bests?

    We then set out to execute to the best of our abilities with those key personal best markers in mind. Without knowing your best metrics to surpass, a sales person is settling for mediocrity.


    Next, we reach out for feedback, from our managers and mentors; from our peers and colleagues. Seek out the winners.  If you are not asking for regular meetings with those you respect, reach out.

    Discuss your wins and most importantly your opportunities and challenges.  Review your metrics and form a story behind your sales.

    There are uplifting moments within the story, but heartbreak is in there as well.  How can you learn from your story?  By sharing it.


    Listen and absorb the feedback, because you requested the feedback; take serious note of what you can do to improve. Be prepared… it may sting a little.  But it’s a small price to pay for sales glory and it is cathartic.

    At this critical point you begin to implement; incorporating what you have learned and improve by practicing your newfound wisdom in your work.


    Once you have achieved your goal, set out with new ones, and then repeat the process. This is a cyclical – a key aspect of this process is to not rest on your laurels.

    Sales is the ultimate what have you done for me lately game – don’t break the cycle just because you hit a goal.  Find the next stair step and get after it.

    My challenge to you is this – if one or more of these 5 steps is missing in your approach – apply this method and you will track your sales better, know yourself better and sell more.