Outsourced Lead Generation

Your Company’s Secret Weapon To More Sales Opportunities

Learn Why Telesales Is Your Company’s Secret Weapon To More Sales OpportunitiesWith every new sales and marketing technology that’s released, your potential mix of sales channels grows wider.

The astute sales manager is always looking for ways to improve the sales channel mix to generate a proper return.  Rather than attempting to spread the efforts of internal channels too thin, an outsourced approach can be a more cost-effective revenue channel, even if currently, existing sales channels produce adequate revenue.

So, which sales channel merits continued investment above all others? The answer is your company’s secret weapon for more B2B sales opportunities: Outsourced Lead Generation

Outsourced Lead Generation Defined

While similar to telemarketing, the practice of outsourced lead generation goes further than the typical telemarketing effort.

Telemarketing is more about qualifying the quality of a contact record and creating an interest in your offerings with the contact. But lead generation furthers the conversation by using the profiling of the prospect on the phone to create an actual appointment for the next phase of the B2B sale. And if needed, the conversation can even lead to finishing the sales process on the phone where appropriate.

What Makes Outsourced Lead Generation Unique?

Even in the year 2015, selling over the phone is still cost-effective, especially when compared to the increasing costs of other sales channels. While other channels are heavily dependent on your company’s available spending budget (such as advertising campaigns or brand name recognition efforts), outsourced lead generation scales easily despite financial constraints.

Overall, it is also much easier to prove the ROI of your outsourced lead generation efforts. If you’re outsourcing sales to such a sales partner, they should be able to easily produce the proven ROI on their activities from past clients.

Compared to other sales channels, telesales has three key advantages to producing consistent sales opportunities for your business.

Advantage #1: The Ability To Provide Overlap

Odds are, your prospects respond differently to each of your various sales tactics. Some are more likely to purchase after an in-person visit, some complete their transactions entirely online and some respond well to direct mail or trade show networking. All of your prospects, however, will likely have some level of contact with your company over the phone.

While there should be diversification and a natural overlap of your sales channels, lead generation helps tie those intersecting channels together since different prospects pick up the phone at varying stages of the sales funnel. For example, one lead might be generated after filling out a web form, and another lead might have responded to a piece of direct mail. In either case, both leads require a follow-up call from your sales team in order to close the potential deal.

Thus, the more overlapping channels you connect to your lead generation program, the more closed sales your company realizes in your targeted sector, industry or geographic area – no matter the initial channel used to generate the lead.

Advantage #2: Superiority To Field Sales

In an increasingly online world, in-person field sales representatives are no longer your company’s best bet to generating leads and closing deals. That said, in a B2B sales environment, customers aren’t likely to complete the entire sale online either. What customers need is a sales channel that’s time and cost efficient while also allowing them to get immediate feedback and answers from your sales team. This balanced medium is where qualified lead generation shows its true strength.

During the telesales process, the salesperson is in front of a computer, enabling him or her to immediately access resources to meet the prospect’s needs or answer their questions. In contrast, a field sales representative typically doesn’t have the same immediate access to resources, so there’s a delayed response time in answering the prospect’s questions – allowing your competitor to come in and close the deal faster.

Even once a sale is complete, field sales still hold the disadvantage. While a field sales representative might not be available for a customer question or concern, a lead generation agent is just one phone call away.

Advantage #3: Consistent Revenue Generation

If you’re trying to fix broken aspects of your sales cycle but you can’t afford to take every sales channel offline in the process, lead generation partners may be the solution you need. The versatility and scalability of this type of program allows you to keep filling your sales pipeline while you diagnose and repair your revenue chain for other channels.

Once you start an outsourced sales program, you’ll see consistent revenue for your business. Even if growth is only a trickle in the beginning, the compounding effects of a developing pipeline pay off in the long run.

The strength of an outsourced lead generation program is consistent — usually growing — revenue, month over month and year over year. In the end, this channel is an investment that’s well worth the initial setup efforts since its returns are virtually guaranteed.

No matter what mix of marketing and sales channels your business has, it’s time to consider strengthening your sales channel mix. Not only does outsourced lead generation tie your other channels together, but it helps your business consistently grow its bottom line and close sales.

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