• Telemarketing and the Value of Scripts

    Recently, the question was asked in a forum “What percentage of your telemarketing calls are scripted?” Here is the response from Kevin Maginnis of Invenio Solutions@ and his response is based on telemarketing best practices we use with our clients.

    “What percentage of your telemarketing calls are scripted?”
    100% and 0 %! At Invenio Solutions, all of our telemarketing campaigns have portions of the call that are very scripted. We believe your opening should be completely scripted and be relevant to the role you are talking to. For example an introductory statement to a CFO would be different than the one for the IT Manager, even if it is the same product or service.

    After you are past the “Scripted” Introduction a business conversation then takes place. Once the conversation has determined a fit, and a desire to take an appropriate next action the next part becomes very scripted again to make sure all appropriate steps, assignments, expectations etc. are met.

    Regarding how effective are scripts when it comes to telemarketing: my answer is it depends on how they are trained and utilized. If a person sounds like they are reading a script they are terribly ineffective. If they are worded effectively, practiced religiously, and delivered conversationally then they instill confidence in the rep and the client.

    Ultimately, I think telemarketing scripts are imperative, but only if they sound conversational. The funny thing is everyone is scripted. Ask someone why they moved to where they live, and then listen as someone else asks them the same question on another day and the answer will be almost identical, just like they were reading a script!

    In the sales process a well delivered story (that is told the same every time, but is “New” to the prospect) can do more to drive the sales process forward than just about any other technique. Noticing what is resonating with prospects in any industry and then intentionally using those conversations cause consistently duplicate able results.

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