• Telecommunications Companies: How to Overcome “We are working with another provider.”

    In the business to business telecommunications world hearing the words “we are already working with another provider” is commonplace. In fact, a sales person can usually conclude that this statement is true, based on the fact that the prospect has an active phone line in which they are receiving the sales call. In order for businesses to effectively operate, they must have a telecommunications provider. The real question is whether or not that provider is providing the best services.

    When it comes down to it, businesses usually are not 100% satisfied with the services they are receiving from their telecommunications provider. Most likely the internet connection could be better with upload and download speeds that could be faster and I guarantee the cost could be lower. From our experience in selling B2B telecommunications services, we know handling the “already working with another provider” is easier to overcome than most think. How our lead generation representatives have become successful in overcoming these objections are through reassuring and redirecting the prospect and uncovering the true ‘pain’ points.

    Reassure and redirect

    – In order to have a meaningful sales conversation, sales should strive to prevent the prospect from becoming defensive. One way to do this is to reassure the prospect that the decision they made in the past is a common one and then redirect them.

    “Yes, XYZ Corp is a common choice amongst businesses to receive internet, phone and video services.”
    “However, how has your experience been with XYZ Corp?”

    The point of reassuring and redirecting the prospect is to start building rapport. The more comfortable the prospect is with the salesperson, the more willing they are to share other information that may be helpful in closing the sale.

    Find the Pain

    –Sales teams that are able to quickly build rapport have a greater chance of getting the prospect to open up about the true challenges they are facing with their current telecommunications provider. By asking the right kind of pain questions, you’ll notice that the prospect’s objection “smoke screen” will start to disappear and they will convey what concerns actually exist. Chances are the prospect has experienced some sort of discomfort with their current provider; sales teams just need to ask the right kinds of open ended questions to get prospects to tell them what it is.

    “I’ve been hearing ____ and _____ from other companies about XYZ Corp. What are you experiencing?”

    “Other organizations have witnessed slower connection speeds, intermittent video service, or quite frankly, just feel like they are paying too much. Which one stands out for you? Why that one?”
    Hearing “I’m working with another provider” is one of the most common objections sales teams run into in lead generation from prospects and probably one of the most challenging objections to overcome. While some reps may accept that objection and call the next prospect (which is another conversation all together), there are those that look to overcome it but may not know how. Prospects have no problem telling a telesales rep “no” right away, which is why sales teams need to take a different approach

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