• Telecom Sales Contact Centers: What You Need To Know

    Optimizing the performance of emerging sales channels and contact centers is one of the biggest challenges that telecom sales teams face today. Because telecom sales are typically transactional, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day dial quotas without ever stepping back to track data, analyze metrics and make necessary changes to improve your market revenue.

    One overarching trend in telecom sales contact centers is outsourcing for quality professional resources that have systems in place to improve the sales process. Outsourcing to a sales partner with a technology framework that enables strong reporting is critical to improving the core sales activities of your telecom’s contact center.

    While you likely have standard activity data on your team, it’s the specialists that translate data analysis into high-return action.

    • Custom Developed Metrics: When your whole world functions around producing results for clients, you take it a step. Invenio for example, tracks a metric calculated from a unique formula and has proven to be a key indicator of rep’s performance consistency and expected shifts.
    • Systems And Processes For Grading Calls: To make improvements to your telecom sales team, you need a software system that allows a coach to grade calls, either live or after calls. Coaches may listen to a recorded call to grade a sales rep and support them with feedback on a weekly basis, or they may listen in live and let reps know throughout the day how to make improvements.
    • Systems And Processes For Sales Rep Feedback: To understand each sales rep’s experience with every call they make, you need a system in place that gathers data in a standard way across the board. Typically, systems gather qualitative call data by prompting a rep when the call ends. This information helps your outsourced sales partner analyze what is driving successful telecom sales calls, what segments are particularly successful and more.

    Additionally, a quality check process for calls is important to ensuring your telecom sales reps are compliant, as well as other accountability pieces.

    An emphasis on the power of good data is here to stay because it unlocks opportunities for everything from sales rep placement and coaching opportunities through identifying ideal customers and how to contact them. All micro improvements and measurements made at the rep level provide the data points you need to improve the macro.

    Plus, the emphasis on data analysis is only gaining in strength as innovations in reporting and predictive analytics continue to improve. The most forward-thinking telecom sales teams are incorporating data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to go even deeper identifying patterns that humans may not catch. Look for developments in cloud-based sales applications that leverage data science for opportunity scoring and accurate sales forecasts.

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