• How Technology is Changing Modern Marketing

    Sometimes it can be easy to forget that we are surrounded by technology that would have seemed magical even a generation or two ago. We carry in our pockets enough technology to give us access to the world’s knowledge, as well as immediate information on what’s going on across the globe. Tech affects us in all aspects of our lives and shows every indication of continuing to become even more amazing in the years ahead.

    It’s only natural, then, that technology in sales and marketing has advanced at a similar rate, changing the way these fundamental business processes are performed. Take a good close look at your smartphone, laptop or tablet computer; the complicated devices and equipment that connect you to your customers and business partners. Then, as you try to imagine how you would function without them, give some thought to the following ways that technology in sales and marketing has changed your job and made it easier and faster.

    • Distance has become less of an obstacle: For today’s professionals, distance has become almost irrelevant to the sales and marketing process. Smartphone applications, online conference programs, and remote-work tools have made it easy to work and communicate with customers and colleagues anywhere in the world. Travel is minimized since sales and marketing staff can “meet” online to negotiate, make presentations, and finalize deals just as easily as they could in person. Remote workers and telecommuters can work across town or across the country with equal productivity and efficiency.
    • Customer service is faster, more accurate, and more personalized: Modern CRM applications allow immediate access to important information about customers, which improves the customer service process. Sales staff can find out useful information such as customer needs, when products were last ordered, or when a customer is likely to need the company’s services again. Company representatives can respond to customers’ questions, orders, and requests almost immediately. Data mining and big data applications allow companies to process and apply vast amounts of data and apply them to customer acquisition, making prospecting and lead generation more accurate and efficient.
    • Key decision makers can be reached more easily: With electronic communications, key decision-makers in a company can be contacted quickly and easily. Electronic signature and approval systems can reduce the amount of time it takes to get an approval and can make it easier for executives in different time zones or areas of the world to sign off on important paperwork.
    • Sales and marketing costs can be reduced: Technology in sales and marketing can be a significant source of savings. Marketing materials, such as brochures or other traditional printed material, can be created in electronic format and distributed easily. Video and audio files can be added to the sales and marketing toolbox, increasing the number of ways to engage customers. Electronic material can be distributed at little or no cost over the cost of traditional physical shipping methods.
    • Customers can reach you, and be reached, through social media: Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites allow immediate and direct contact between you and your customers. Online presentations, webinars, and similar techniques permit real-time access to company personnel. You can keep your customers up-to-date on important news and events in your company through Facebook updates and blog posts.

    The proper use of today’s technology can give you a distinct competitive edge in the marketplace. Contact Invenio for more information on the role of technology in sales and marketing and for expert assistance with putting that technology to work for you in the most profitable way possible.