• Take The Leap. Execute the Trial Close.

    As a Business Development Representative, The only way to gauge the level of interest in your product is a trial close. Trial closes HAVE to happen throughout the sales process.

    What is a Trial Close?

    • It’s a closing and discovery technique in one. In essence, you pose moving to the next sales stage early in your conversation, and use that to either move forward with the sale quickly or uncover objections that need to be addressed.

    Once a prospect shows interest, you should start to trial close…”if it makes business sense, would you consider an appointment with one of our experts?” One of two things will happen;

    1. They will agree, and you can finish qualifying them, or
    2. They will say no and you can dig into why.

    The important thing to remember is to ask what is holding them back.

    Effective trial closes can result in a sale very early in the process. If your discovery leads you immediately to the conclusion that your product is a perfect fit, why not ask right then if they would like to speak with a product specialist? You would be surprised how often this result in the win. You have to ask for the sale or you are never going to get it.

    Asking for the appointment or demo early on can be intimidating; rejection is never easy, and fear is the killer of sales. However, trial closing is an essential part of the process and MUST take place.

    Think of it as testing the temperature of your bath before you get in. If the water is cold, are you going to get in, or are you going to turn the water temperature up first? Trial closing is the sales equivalent of putting your toe in the water. They may say no, but the possibility of success needs to outweigh the fear of rejection.

    So, what do you do if the prospects says no?  Easy. Take charge of the conversation and dig for objections. Once you identify, ACKNOWLEDGE and overcome the objection you should go right back in for the kill. Repeat until you have overcome all of the no’s to reach that coveted yes!

    You can generate as much interest in the product as you’d like, but unless you close, you will never get the result that you want. They’re not going to ask you to close them…it is up to you!