• Core Values and Strong Culture Begin with People 

    reinforce-you-rrevenue-chainA lot has been written about corporate culture as a benchmark of successful organizations. Many high-profile examples of culture initiatives include free food for employees, ping pong tables and concierge services, just to name a few.  These culture-related benefits are eye-catching and contribute to the “cool factor,” of certain companies, but there is debate about how much these initiatives truly contribute to improved productivity, quality, or employee engagement.

    Companies that fully integrate their core values into their culture initiatives “walk the talk,” and can see the direct correlation to engagement and business success.  Invenio Solutions is an example of a company that strives to integrate its core values into all aspects of its business and company culture.

    “People” is intentionally listed first in Invenio’s values statement.  This is underscored by naming the Human Resources function the “People 1st Department.”  Is there any better way to drive the message through all its initiatives? Appreciation for our people is demonstrated by providing training, development, recognition, rewards and fun activities consistently, but it doesn’t end there.  The people of Invenio embody “people as a core value” and the basis of the culture by showing encouragement for and compassion for each other.

    Training and Career Development

    Training is one of the ways Invenio invests in its people.  Employment begins with a week-long, Stevie Award-winning training program.   By the end of first week, newly created “Inveniologists” are ready to hit the sales floor and put the “Science of Sales” into practice.  Training includes full-cycle sales processes, product knowledge, and technology use, all focused on building skills as well as confidence.

    Training and development continue throughout each Inveniologist’s tenure at our company, including classroom instruction, online learning, individualized performance and skills coaching, incubators and boot camps, as well as leadership and career development programs.  In addition to organized training, executives make time to develop people where they work.  The CEO frequently walks the sales floor, stopping to coach individual Inveniologists. The company’s president has even worked specifically with the training department and the Call Coaches to create a develop program for front line supervision and coaching.

    Recognition and Rewards

    Beyond bonuses as a part of the compensation plan, periodic games bring an awareness to business goals. Innovative productivity challenges amp up the fun for individuals, teams, and business units. Rewards for winning challenges range from free sodas to gift cards, from paid time off to cold, hard cash.

    More formal recognition programs include the ‘Catalyst’ and ‘Nobel’ awards, presented in quarterly Success Summit meetings.  The names of these awards reinforce Invenio’s mission, “The Science of Sales. Perfected.” The ‘Catalyst’ highlights the top producers from each business unit based on their achievement in correlated to their goals and expectations.  The ‘Nobel’ is awarded to one person each quarter who displays the essence of Invenio’s core values in all aspects of their job.

    Fun Activities

    Though there is no skateboarding or air hockey, there is plenty of fun and appreciation for Inveniologists.  Recently, management planned a Fall Festival to get outside, share some food and enjoy some fellowship.  Everybody contributed by bringing side dishes and desserts to go with the company-provided meats and drinks for a real teamwork feel.  Work-groups designed carnival-like booths to add some silliness and whimsy to the day.  The favorite was the dunking booth-everyone loves to dunk a supervisor!

    Bringing people together for common purposes foster stronger relationships and camaraderie.  Team Reach plans activities to lighten up the atmosphere, break the monotony of daily work, and create entertaining activities to unite Inveniologists.  “Fashion Fridays” encourage everyone to dress in themes such as: A Day at Beach, Prom, Team Spirit, and Jammies. One facility hosted a Spirit Week where each day had a different theme and related activities. These and other Team Reach activities are opportunities for some friendly competition further cultivating bonds between people throughout the company.

    Occasional potlucks inspire a sense of community and bring out the inner chef of some of the staff, but store-bought goodies are always welcome as well—we’re equal-opportunity snackers! The sound and smell of theater-style corn popping brings smiles and a little unexpected afternoon pick-me-up for Inveniologists.

    Values Displayed by Individuals

    In a previous article, I talked about the many ways that individuals unselfishly extend a hand to coworkers.  There are also organic charitable events where Inveniologists give back to the broader community such as food bank donations and Blue Santa, to name a few.  These are signs that throughout the organization people are important to each other beyond the structure of specific programs.

    All of these initiatives focused on People demonstrate that linking core values with programs lay the groundwork for a caring company culture. Emphasizing training, development, recognition, rewards and having fun are designed to make people successful. Invenio’s success relies on its people, and we never forget it.

    We invite you to bring your skills and concern for People to the Invenio Solutions team.  Apply now at https://www.inveniomarketing.com/work-for-us/.