• Lead Nurturing: Stay Top-of-Mind with Email Marketing

    In what ways do you keep in touch with prospects and customers? Many businesses use social media, telesales, trade shows and other events to execute “touch the customer” activities, but what about email marketing? Email marketing is a great way to conduct a lead nurturing campaign.

    A big part of a successful marketing strategy is staying in front of your customers through constant communication. Leveraging email marketing for lead nurturing is a powerful tool to remind them of your value while also setting you apart from other providers in the marketplace. As well as other marketing tools, email marketing can help businesses drive repeat customers, boosting the success of any organization.

    Lead nurturing through email marketing allows you to stay connected, not only can you target information to prospects at the right time of the buying cycle, you can communicate company promotions to existing customers.

    Email marketing is a great way to build lasting relationships with prospects. Does your company currently run any email marketing campaigns? If so, which ones have worked well for your organization?