• What do small businesses really want in their telecom provider?

    …confessions of an Invenio Sales Scientist


    Small business owners wear many hats and need telecom that works.

    Here at Invenio Solutions, we work with small businesses every day. This has given us many insights into small businesses and we are experienced in delivering exactly what they need. We also learn the truths and pain points of their specific industries, which most marketers are unaware of. One thing which has become clear to us is that big telecom providers simply do not understand the needs of small businesses.

    We have witnessed marketing campaigns that often completely misread the demands of the customers, often offering features which small businesses wouldn’t want, don’t know how to use, or can’t afford. Lucky for you, we’re sharing the reality of the industry and its requirements, straight from an Invenio Sales Scientist.

    Less Complexity

    This is one of the biggest problems with telecom and internet services for small businesses. Large corporations have IT and Networking teams that are focused on ensuring everything works the right way and providing support wherever needed. Small businesses have just one IT person, if anyone at all, and they usually aren’t well versed in telecom products. Small businesses are frustrated by complicated telecom systems with too many options and setup requirements that are too complicated or take too long to get up and running. Small businesses are also more likely to have less technically proficient people on the payroll which further complicates the issue.

    Simplified Billing and Contracts

    Large corporations have teams of lawyers that go through every contract the corporation signs. In contrast, small businesses usually only contact a lawyer if they are in some legal trouble. Small business owners hate having to sign complex contracts overloaded with clauses. “I always feel like I missed reading something and am going to regret signing this in the future,” is how one exasperated small business owner put it to us. Simplified contracts aren’t hard to make–telecom providers should also provide some explanations for the many clauses in the contracts.

    Better & Simpler Basic Features

    A big problem for many small businesses is that telecom providers often make the basic tasks of the system too complicated by adding too many features. Small business employees don’t need flashy features or management systems – they need a telecom provider that just works when they need it to work, simply and professionally.

    Service Quality Trumps Cost

    This is the single biggest conception telecom providers and marketers have about small businesses. Small businesses are less likely to worry about the price of the services than large corporations. It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but it makes a lot of sense. Big corporations are worried about prices because they are buying the product for thousands of employees. If your service costs 10 dollars per month more than the competition and is being bought for 2000 users, that is 20,000 dollars per month of increased billings. Small business owners do not have this problem. They usually have anywhere from 10 to 50 employees. If your product costs 10 dollars more than the competition, that only increases their expenses by 100 to 500 dollars a month, a cost that many small businesses are willing to pay to not worry about their telecom services. Telecom providers need to deliver quality – small business owners are willing to pay a bit more to get more dependable services.

    By tuning in to the different and specific needs and concerns of small businesses and their owners, telecom services can create better value for their target market of small businesses.  If you want to learn more about adding small businesses to your telecom business clientele, or need a company to show you the ropes, contact us here at Invenio today—we’ll help you get started.