Maximizing Each Inbound Lead

Never let newly interested leads slip through the cracks again

Your inbound hand raisers deserve attention according to their interest level, but it can be hard to tell, especially when swamped with managing warmer leads. Invenio can field inquires to make sure you only get qualified leads and appointments from your inbound channels.

Inquiry Management And Appointment Setting
You can have inbound leads contacted, qualified and delighted in record time and with the Science of Sales.

With our scientific sales approach, Invenio™ quickly processes a high volume of inquiries, taking each prospect through your key qualification criteria. We screen out the prospects that aren’t a match, place qualified, non-sales-ready leads into a nurturing program and seamlessly pass the sales-ready, qualified leads to your sales team.

Turn to Invenio’s highly skilled inquiry management scientists to:

  • Respond to Inbound Leads Quicker than the Competition
    Your prospects are doing research and need their questions answered now. Become the quickest responder and the most trusted source for your prospects.
  • Purify your Sales Funnel to Actionable Opportunities
    You can keep a pure and actionable funnel by enabling qualification and filtering to happen before your reps spend a minute on inbound leads.
  • Handle Every Channel of Inbound leads
    With Invenio you can address inquiries via phone, email, web form, chat, or any other medium, qualify those prospects and receive sales-ready leads.
  • Personal and Professional conversations
    Inveniologists respond to every sales inquiry quickly with a non-scripted approach, opening the lines of communication as a highly trained sales professional and building lasting relationships for your brand.

Qualify Your Leads With Scientific Precision