Build a Stronger Pipeline on Existing Relationships

With Improved Cross-Selling Strategies And Upselling Techniques

Upselling and Cross-selling with existing customers may be your key to unlocking a robust pipeline of qualified leads without the hassle of new prospects.

Retain and grow high-value customers while increasing your customers’ loyalty. Invenio combines proven B2B customer cross-selling and upselling techniques with highly trained and experienced Sales Scientists to help you uncover new revenue opportunities within your current customer base.

Drive up the lifetime value of each of your customers with Invenio® Sales Scientists™ cross-selling techniques and strategies.

B2B Cross-Selling And Upselling Services

Inveniologisits will design a program and approach around your customer growth goals, industry best practices, and over 20 years of expertise in cross-sell and upsell campaigns.

Turn to Inveniologists to help you:

  • Generate Follow-on Sales
    Find additional sales opportunities, cultivate them with unique lead nurturing techniques and pass sales-ready buyers to your sales team.
  • Broaden Relationships And Increase Customer Loyalty
    Reach new contacts within existing clients, identify their needs and present your products or solutions that address those needs.
  • Cultivate Future Opportunities And Referral Selling
    Stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds and leverage opportunities to provide them with additional services.

Drive Your Per-Customer Revenue