Your Sales Outsourcing Partner

Sales And Lead Generation Services For Your Business

If you have room for growth in building a robust pipeline, uncovering qualified leads, closing sales and gaining greater visibility into your sales cycle, a scientific approach to sales is your answer.

Invenio Solutions® is a full-service sales, development and lead generation company that provides comprehensive, scalable, customizable and flexible sales outsourcing services. The science behind our success starts with collaborating with you to address your goals and design a molecularly specific program to meet them.

We work quickly and efficiently, scaling a team of Sales Scientists™ to immediately begin providing you a return on your investment. Start generating sustainable results faster than with any other inside sales outsourcing company in the industry.

Inside Sales Outsourcing
Expand your sales reach with customizable and turnkey sales outsourcing services. Invenio Sales Scientists act as an extension of your sales team, providing the strategy, experience and science to drive new sales.
Inquiry Management

Ensure every inquiry into your business gets a prompt response, is scientifically qualified and is appropriately addressed. Qualified leads are placed in the proper nurturing program or strategically introduced to your sales team.
Lead Generation

Increase the flow of qualified leads and grow your sales funnel. Take advantage of our proven scientific approach to lead generation and sales to build a robust pipeline of sales-ready leads in weeks.
Lead Nurturing

Uncover new opportunities in your sales funnel and boost sales with effective lead nurturing and pipeline management. Inveniologists™ use proprietary, proven lead-nurturing techniques to speed up the process of converting leads to sales-ready customers.
Marketing Automation Services

Automate your lead generation and nurturing efforts to uncover more qualified leads. Invenio’s marketing automation services ensure that you stay engaged with every lead in your pipeline by creating a personalized experience for all of your contacts.

Cross-Selling And Upselling

Broaden relationships with your customers and maximize their lifetime value to your company. Inveniologists combine proven customer cross-selling and upselling techniques to help you uncover new revenue opportunities with your current clients.
Channel Marketing

Invenio grows your sales with channel recruitment and management services that create lucrative business partnerships. Build successful channel marketing programs to sell in more markets and in a more cost-effective manner.

Database Building And Management

Increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts with a customizable, quality, up-to-date and targeted database.