• Selling B2B Technology: 3 Essential Ways Lead Nurturing Boosts ROI

    Lead nurturing is an important function of marketing and selling B2B technology in today’s competitive landscape. We know buyer behavior is largely dictated by educating and engaging prospects. And yet, lead nurturing is often overlooked, because of the time, budget and resources it takes to create enough educational content to continually drive the process.

    Lead nurturing offers the following benefits to your software sale strategy:

    • At the top of the sales funnel, lead nurturing builds awareness and interest from potential customers.
    • At the middle of the sales funnel, lead nurturing warms marketing-ready leads into sales-ready leads.
    • At the bottom of the sales funnel, lead nurturing continues to connect with stalled sales leads.

    According to MarketingSherpa, companies that nurture leads tend to see a 45% lift in lead generation ROI compared to companies that do not. Likewise, as reported at Demand Gen Report, nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.

    While nurturing leads into sales requires time and dedication, the efforts are worthwhile. Here are three reasons why:

    1. Lead Nurturing Results In Warmed Up Sales Leads
      When leads are nurtured from the marketing side of your organization, selling B2B technology becomes much more focused because the leads are already warmed up. Your software sales team actually spends their time converting prospects and closing deals, rather than trying to get to know each one from scratch.

      This is how your company will see a boost in sales opportunities. Once lead nurturing is ramped up, the natural result is improved ROI month over month.

    2. Content Creation Forces Your Company To Get The Story Right
      The need for lead nurturing actually drives content development, and many departments are involved in the process of honing your message and the story behind your software product and company. Content tells the story of what your product offers and why your prospects need it.

      Whether it’s your customer service team or production team speaking about your products and services, content that’s created to nurture leads helps weave together a cohesive story. Everyone in your organization needs to be speaking to this story, which ultimately creates a smoother sales process for closing deals.

    3. Lead Nurturing Improves Client Retention
      ROI isn’t just about the point of sale, but about maintaining client relationships for renewals or dealing with potential competitors. Selling B2B technology is highly competitive, and you need to ensure that when another software company comes along your own customer relationships are secure.

      That’s why it is important to continually nurture existing relationships with educational content suited to them. This translates into loyal customers – these are the clients who help you create a sustainable software business. You’re investing in loyalty up front and then reaping the rewards of continued business over the long term.

    In the past, your software company may have spent substantial money on paid advertisements and other old-school marketing tactics. Today, however, a multitude of online channels has made it easier and more affordable for you to reach potential buyers seeking information.

    Where would you rather invest your resources in today’s online marketplace?

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