The Science Of A Smarter Sales Process

158997655Because the sales process is so relationship-based, business leaders in any B2B industry consider it to be an art – but that’s not the whole picture.

While sales and marketing are still about relationships, today’s modern technology and ability to quantify and collect data on every lead, prospect and customer mean that today’s sales process requires a more scientific approach.

You’ve likely spent a lot of money on creating a demand-generation engine that captures leads for your business. But, with a scientific sales approach, you realize even more gains to your revenue – and at a higher efficiency.

So, what does the science of a smarter sales process look like? Let’s start with the sales process improvements below:

#1: Scientific Technology

From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to marketing automation platforms to call-tracking software – your sales funnel has more data-gathering and lead-tracking abilities than ever before. So, it’s critical that you use that information to your advantage for generating more leads, qualifying more prospects and closing more sales.

Smarten your sales process: Ensure you’re using the latest CRM platform and marketing automation tools for your sales pipeline so that you’re tracking all of this data – and in one place, if possible. From the moment you receive information on a new lead or prospect, capture that data then make it actionable for your sales team.

#2: Scientific Timing

Having scientific sales data means nothing if you’re not taking action, and in some cases, this means action right away. Use the sales data that you’re capturing to discover the best timing for making sales calls, responding to emails and so forth. A well-timed contact from your sales team may make all the difference in capturing a lead – or closing a sale.

Smarten your sales process: Dig into the sales data at your disposal and conduct a thorough analysis on the timing (day of the month, day of the week and time of day) that yields the best results for your company or industry as a whole, and adjust your outbound sales calls and emails accordingly. And, of course, be sure to respond to all inbound leads as soon as possible.

#3: Scientific Integration

Having quantifiable sales tools that give you actionable data is a key component of a scientific sales process, but your information shouldn’t just be siloed into single departments or teams. Rather, be sure to integrate your CRM, marketing automation tools and other sales data platforms into one central location so that everyone in your company has access to the same critical data.

Smarten your sales process: Here’s one idea for integrating your sales data: Make an end-to-end data connection starting with initial order booking and ending with the fulfillment of a purchase. This data story helps everyone in your company – from sales and marketing to client services and production – take action on improving their department for more sales.

#4: Scientific Feedback Loops

Integrating your scientific sales tools has one major side effect: It gives you insight into how your overall production and sales process works as a whole. As a result, a feedback loop from your most recently fulfilled order yesterday informs you on how to better qualify a lead or close a sale today.

Smarten your sales process: Using data from your most recently fulfilled orders, loop back to your demand generation vehicle to determine which product or service is selling, at what price and how well it’s selling over time. Then, harness this data to make sales process improvements as needed.

#5: Scientific Scalability

Reaping the benefits of a scientific sales process requires you have a process that’s both measurable and scalable. In other words, you need to invest in the best sales training possible to keep all of your team members up to speed on the newest advances in the science of sales™. As your sales needs grow, you should also have a measurable process in place to scale your sales team accordingly.

Smarten your sales process: Invest the time to train and arm your sales team with the best practices, tools and training that enable them to have more meaningful (and ultimately profitable) conversations with prospects. The more you inform and train your sales team, the healthier your sales pipeline.

This paradigm shift from art to science in your sales process takes time – not just in training future sales scientists™ but also in matching them to the leads and accounts where they’re most likely to succeed. Just remember that adopting a scientific sales approach is worth the transition – the boost in your revenue proves it.

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