• The Science of Sales: What is it?


    In today’s Information Age, businesses are pondering the art of sales and its place in an increasingly scientific, technologized sphere. The art of sales is not dead. Rather, it has evolved into a science unto itself: The Science of Sales. The science of sales denotes tracking, reporting, and ultimately improvement of an age old prospect relationship building process. Consider it an art form perfected.

    The sales process has evolved from start to finish. Beginning with metrics-based coaching, there is now a technology infused training process that focuses on CRMs such as Salesforce, intelligent sales automation, and sales calls tracking software. Further along the process, lead generation and customer engagement too are benefited by the influx of science and technology. Sales personnel that adopt the mindset of a scientist recognize that selling goes beyond offering a product or a service. The science of sales involves analyzing and understanding consumer behavior in relation to the product offered. Below are a few ideas that help convert the art of the sale into a science.

    • When was this customer’s initial interest generated and how?
    • Is this a new purchase or when was the last time they bought this product?
    • What can we learn about the company in regards to what is going on in their industry?
    • How does the product or service compare to the competition?

    Take for example, Invenio’s B2B Inquiry Management. With targeted lead generation, Invenio’s sales “scientists” are trained to maximize ROI from marketing activities and lead data to fill the pipeline with actionable opportunities, thus leading to increased sales results. To close deals, science – in the form of data – is a seller’s best friend. Data is more than just a buzz word in the world of sales. There is even a precise science to maximizing the efficiency of data – with the basic goal being to keep data clean and updated and building the customer data warehouse from there. When gathered and used correctly, data can match the right leads to the right reps, ultimately closing more deals.

    Interested in finding out more about the science of sales? Visit this page to see how we can help you go from art form to scientific certainty.

    Photo by: Sol Goldberg