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The software sales strategies you were once using no longer work, and you’ve likely seen the effect on your sales team’s ability to close deals and drive revenue. Generic email templates and sales scripts for cold calls are simply not aligned with today’s buyer behavior.

When it comes to selling B2B technology, you need the right tools to keep up with a dynamic, constantly changing industry. That’s why many IT firms are outsourcing sales efforts to the experts.

During this free, 30-minute consultation with an expert at Invenio Solutions┬«, you’ll learn about the following benefits of hiring an outsourced sales partner:

  • Define the target personas of your software sales efforts for improved lead generation
  • Hire and train based on sales metrics that provide insight into key sales skills, such as aptitude, logic and aggression
  • Gain a CRM system with specific development software integration to shorten your sales cycle
  • Measure every part of your software sales funnel so you understand which tactics close the most deals

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