• Sales Is NOT a Numbers Game

    Many people make sales presentations believing in the old adage, “it’s just a numbers game.” However, seasoned professionals understand the importance of planning every prospect conversation to maximize their results. It’s no different than in any endeavor; planning, practice, follow-through and documentation are essential to repeating success.

    sales numbers game

    There are some powerful techniques, which when understood can create an atmosphere for your success:

    • Research – Become familiar with your prospect. Study their website to understand the goals they have for their business.  Your preparedness will show them you have an interest in what THEY intend to accomplish.
    • Respect – Studies have shown that a recipient of any call expects respect. A simple “Thank You” at the beginning of all your communication is important for your audience to want to listen to you.
    • Sincerity – Be honest about your intentions with your prospect by letting them know you want to know more about them before proceeding with any recommendation. A simple, well thought out opening will lead to more time to listen and respond to what they have to say.
    • Rate of Delivery – It is important to slow down your rate of delivery. The most effective cadence is one where it would appear they are the most important call you’ve made today. Your tone wants to display the confidence to demonstrate you are prepared to provide a valuable return for the few minutes they will invest with you.
    • Document – Enter copious notes about your conversation to prevent lapses of memory when you call again or you are called back. Share the information you have gleaned with your client by writing to let them know they have been heard. Quickly perform what you have said you will do.
    • Welcome Objections (they are the doorway to new clients)
      • No interest – When your prospect suggests they have NO Interest, suggest “I can understand you would not be interested in something you haven’t had an opportunity to consider, but within just a few minutes I’ll demonstrate a return for your time, you be the judge” and ask the key words, “Fair enough?”
      • Send me information – Very seldom does anyone respond to information you’d send but rather ask the following, “Obviously you have a reason for asking for additional information, may I ask what that would be?” Be specific by asking questions to be sure you understand what the prospect is wanting to understand.

    Make it a habit to listen with questions. Become your best critic of the impact of your calls to ensure continuous improvement. By all means, make calls to achieve your success. It’s necessary to make calls to have the impact worthwhile to your effort with calculated precision. Return to the basics on a regular basis and you will find your career progressing forward with the respect of your clients, peers and management. Make your volume of calls as if each one is your first and they will not be your last!

    Delivering effective sales presentations IS NOT a numbers game!

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    Photo by Craig Hatfield