• Sales Leads: Are They All Being Addressed?

    Sales people live for closing deals- not only do they thrive on the euphoria of landing a new client, it is their bread and butter. They don’t get paid based on how well they nurture a prospect in the pipeline or how good they are at researching and developing accounts – just to get the opportunity to sell. They get paid when a new deal closes.

    20% of Sales Leads Are Handled Well
    Hence, it isn’t surprising that in most sales organizations, the net result is a focus on 20% of the sales leads where there are established relationships – and a neglect of the other 80% of prospects where they simply don’t have the time or inclination to focus.

    The Other 80% Of Sales Leads Often Slip Through The Cracks
    Not doing something with that 80% is wasted opportunity. As companies come to understand this, many have dedicating resources specifically to ensure leads aren’t neglected. Most often these resources are inside sales professionals and their focus is to:

    • Profile key information about each company [size, industry, number of locations, profitability, and more] to better target marketing messages
    • Identify key contacts involved in the decision making process
    • Engage with these stakeholders to qualify what opportunities exist
    • Provide information to these prospects that is tailored to where they are in the buying process
    • Determine when and how to stay in contact with prospects that aren’t qualified enough for sales channel follow-up – and then do it

    If you find your company is in a similar position and need to more proactively address those 80% of leads, my next few posts will focus on inside sales professionals, pros and cons of in-sourcing vs. outsourcing telemarketing, and more.