Revenue Generation Tip Sheet

To expand selling practices, strengthen relationships with customers, and accelerate your revenue generation goals, you need to engage multiple prospects at all stages of the sales cycle. This means regularly generating new leads to continuously close deals.

To get there, you want more speed, more accuracy, more productivity, and more sales. The process begins by identifying gaps, seizing opportunities, and blending your organization’s sales and marketing strategies.

If you want to accelerate revenue generation, these five quick tips will
point you in the right direction.

1. Align Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales alignment at its core is about the customer. It’s time to stop drawing a line between sales and marketing roles and instead integrate them to serve the customer as one force. It’s a simple concept: customers generate revenue. If your marketing and sales team don’t come together to create a great experience for your customers, your competition will.

2. Focus on Ideal Prospects

Which companies can you serve better than your competitors can? Who are the companies you can provide with an excellent sales experience? The answers to these questions will reveal who your most revenue-generating customers are as well. Focus on prospects for whom you can deliver the most and do the best job. Every business has limited resources, so make sure you use yours wisely by concentrating on your target audience.

3. Maintain Relationships With Prospects and Buyers

Marketing and sales must work together to move the buying process along, and marketing must maintain its connection with prospects and buyers throughout the sales journey. For example, marketing can create pipeline acceleration strategies that help close deals.

4. Define Service Level Agreements

To optimize lead hand-off between marketing and sales, create a service level agreement that defines marketing’s commitment and sales’ response. Things to agree on may include when a prospect will be handed off to sales, how long sales will retain the opportunity, and what happens if the hoped-for action by a prospect does not occur.

5. Monitor Performance

To be effective, business metrics should be compared to established benchmarks or objectives. Continually monitoring the performance of sales in terms of revenue generation will help your business stay on financial track. In addition, a standard measurement strategy helps you quickly determine if and when your sales team is performing to expectations.

If you want to overcome your revenue generation challenges, consider outsourcing to eliminate the burden of administrative costs and accelerate the process of generating qualified leads and closing the sales cycle. In the meantime, these five tips should help you start filling your sales funnel today.