Repairing Your Sales Revenue Chain

How To Fix The Five Most Commonly Broken Links In Your Sales Process

Strengthen Your Sales Revenue ChainYour company’s sales revenue generation stands to be strengthened. Not only does your sales process likely have weak links in its revenue chain, but those weak links could be costing you millions in non-converting leads or poor customer retention.

The good news is that when you repair your sales revenue chain, your business not only secures more long-term revenue, but you also future-proof your company against the competition.

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This guide walks you through the five most important links in your company’s revenue chain – and shows you how to fix each one – including:

  • How to increase your conversion rate from lead generation and marketing-qualified leads by 33%
  • How to use sales training and development programs to reduce your personnel attrition rate by 49%
  • How identifying and qualifying leads (especially when working with a sales partner) could result in a 100% lead acceptance rate
  • How to enhance your long-term customer retention for a total customer value raise of 32.8%

Revenue runs your business, so if any links in your sales revenue chain are broken, you can’t afford to leave them unfixed.