• Reasons to Outsource Inquiry Management

    More often than not, inquiry management activities carve out a large portion of time from sales taking their attention away from closing deals. Sales may quickly become overwhelmed by having to work a large database of contacts in order to find the most qualified prospects, let alone having to manage all of the emails and phone calls that go along with that. To solve this problem, many businesses look to outsource inquiry management lead generation activities to firms that have experience managing inquires effectively.

    Fill the sales pipeline – Outsourcing inquiry management can help fill the pipeline by identifying, scoring and segmenting inquiries and handing off the most qualified to sales, while nurturing prospects that aren’t quite ready to purchase.

    Lead data cleansing for CRM systems – another benefit of outsourcing inquiry management is your businesses will receive cleansed data that can be added to your existing CRM. When your inquiry management lead generation vendor works through the list, they are able to update contact information which will also save you time in the long run.

    Receive valuable reporting – Outsourcing inquiry management efforts allows time to double verify sales ready leads and provide detailed insights of all records. This analysis can uncover additional inquiry sources which can deliver a higher ROI.

    How is your organization currently handling inquiry management? To learn more about this and other services, check out www.inveniomarketing.com/b2b/inquiry-management