• Qualified Lead Generation Starts with Successful Lead Nurturing Programs

    When it comes to creating a pipeline of quality leads, it helps to take things step by step. Pushing leads to sales too early often results in decreased conversion rates. As a best practice, prospects should not be passed to sales until they have been qualified and are nearly ready to make a purchasing decision. Therefore qualified lead generation starts with proper lead nurturing programs.


    A good place to begin is by breaking down your audience into basic stages of engagement. Once your prospects are divided into stages it is easier to provide individualized engagement strategies that move them down the funnel toward becoming qualified leads and eventually customers. The amount of stages you have will depend on the complexity of your business. Here are three stages to consider starting with:
    1. Ready To Buy: These are prospective clients that know what they want and likely when they want it. They’ve researched the market and have narrowed their choices down to only a few select candidates. If you’ve positioned yourself properly in the market, you’re on top of that list.
    Why They’re Important: These prospects are typically the most educated and up-to-date on industry trends. While this allows them the ability to be highly selective, it also means they offer the highest conversions. These prospects are likely ready to be transferred to sales. Product demos or free trials can help give them the final push they need to make a decision.

    2. Looking for Solutions: Some prospects have spent time and resources determining exactly what they need, while others are just now beginning the search. These candidates fall somewhere in between. They’ve identified the problem and done some investigating but have not narrowed down their search significantly.

    Why They’re Important: Although they will take more nurturing than ready-to-buy prospects, these prospects can become valuable pieces in a lead generation campaign. If you position yourself as a market authority, one these prospects can trust and rely on, they are more likely to consider your company early in their decision-making process. Be sure to provide plenty of information to these prospects so they can make an informed decision about purchasing your product or service. Webinars and white papers can help convey everything from simple statistics about why customers should choose your company to technical specifications about your product.

    3. Just Realizing There’s a Problem: At the very opposite end from ready-to-buy prospects are those who are just realizing there is a problem. Until now, these prospects may never have dealt with anyone in your industry and are lacking in experience and market knowledge.
    Why They’re Important: Although these prospects require the most bandwidth in lead nurturing, they have the potential to reap many rewards. Tapping into these prospective buyers early can yield higher results and lead to loyal customers who continue to purchase well into the future. Since these prospective customers might be new to your industry, make sure you keep information simple for them. Creating an easy to navigate website and maintaining a good social media presence are two ways to get the word out about your products or services while demonstrating that your company is knowledgeable and trustworthy.


    Proper lead nurturing can keep your product or service in the minds of your prospective clients, eventually converting them into qualified leads. Contact Invenio® today to learn more about how our lead generation and qualified lead nurturing services can deliver more sales-ready leads right to you.