• Push vs. Pull Marketing – Does Your Business Have the Right Balance for Lead Generation?

    The world of lead generation is constantly changing, especially as new technology develops and sales and marketing techniques are introduced to take advantage of these new technologies. With these changes, two methods of marketing have emerged: push marketing and pull marketing. What is the difference between push marketing and pull marketing? The answer is an important one, as a balance between the two is often vital to the process of successful lead generation.

    What Is Push Marketing?

    Push marketing refers to any kind of outbound marketing promotional strategy, such as outbound calls, direct mail, print ads, online advertising or any other number of outlets. With push marketing, the idea is to ‘push’ the service or product so that customers are aware of it. This awareness, of course, is what lead generation is all about.

    What Is Pull Marketing?

    Conversely, pull marketing involves getting the attention of leads by way of attracting them to your company via certain marketing techniques and thought leadership. Examples of common inbound lead generation tactics include the use of search engines, social media and content marketing. Pull marketing may involve sustained efforts in advertising campaigns or certain social media outlets.

    Using Both for Lead Generation

    Oftentimes, businesses have a difficult time striking a healthy balance between push and pull marketing. Since both types of marketing are effective at generating leads for your business in different ways, it is a good idea to utilize both in tandem in order to maximize your results.

    While push marketing can be extremely beneficial and has consistently proven effective, pull marketing can position businesses as thought leaders and industry experts and generate leads which may be more likely to turn into prospects. The use of each should be determined by the unique aspects of your company and your industry. Many times, a blending of the two techniques can achieve the best lead generation results. Merging your business’s ability to bring customers with its ability to promote itself can lead to the best lead generation results.