• Performing Arts Marketing: Five Proven Tips

    For the performing arts, especially those working with a smaller budget, standing out in the crowd is a challenge. Yet that doesn’t mean you can stop marketing – it just means you have to work even harder! Just like in business-to-business marketing, the end goal is to maximize the results of every dollar spent and here are five proven tips pulled from the B2B world that apply to Performing Arts marketing as well.

    Tip #1: Invest In Your List
    Your list is the lifeblood of your success, particularly your in-house list of current patrons and donors. With this in mind, your house list should be built with care, designed for easy segmentation and carefully tested.

    Tip #2: Be Creative Yet Know Simplicity Often Wins Big
    Keeping your creative simple can offer a big advantage and by creative I mean the messaging and the design/layout of the information. By doing this the result could be a simple, yet elegant, and compelling piece that captures attention and really helps you to stand out.

    Tip #3: Make Your Offer Relevant
    The more you segment your list when creating offers, the more persuasive your message can be and the stronger your results will be. The big reason behind this is that if you segment your list you can create very specific offers that are highly relevant to the segment, that will capture the interest of the recipient and entice them to act.

    Tip #4: Think About Frequency
    Think through how often you can communicate with your contacts without them feeling overwhelmed. A great way to approach this is to have a formal plan for marketing and fundraising, with documentation on the touches [email, phone, etc.] each segment profile will receive and the frequency with which they will be “touched”. This provides a visual reference for you to easily see times when there is too much or too little activity.

    Tip #5: Test, Test, Test!
    In the business world, testing is the norm, and it should be for nonprofits too. With the technology available in the marketplace today, it opens up new opportunities for nonprofits to test everything from key messages to banner ads to email offers and more.

    Want More Insight?
    Read our complete article on this topic- Stand Out and Get Results or contact Invenio Solutions® to learn about our comprehensive marketing services for the Performing Arts.