• Part 3: Secrets To Successful Medical Sales Appointment Setting

    In the second installment of this three-part blog series on medical sales appointment setting, we discussed the first two proven practices for setting your own sales team straight on the path toward driving more revenue.

    First, you never want to set appointments for unqualified sales leads (along with reasons to rid yourself of the BANT standards for lead generation). Second, you have to use your medical sales database to its fullest potential. This requires regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure your contacts are relevant.

    The following are two more insider secrets for improving your current process for appointment setting:

    Secret #3: Salespeople Should Never Set Their Own Appointments

    Your salespeople have a specific skill set for closing deals, but they may be less successful at identifying and qualifying leads. That’s why it is important to have a marketing department that warms up and qualifies leads for your sales funnel.

    Finding leads is the responsibility of your marketing and demand generation teams. Business development representatives (BDRs) should be next in line, focused on setting appointments with pre-qualified leads. Otherwise, if leads go straight to your salespeople, they waste hours setting their own appointments when they could have been focused on closing deals.

    Secret #4: Don’t Attempt To Handle Lead Generation On Your Own

    Lead generation is a critical and challenging process for any medical sales team. And that is why many medical device companies are shifting toward a process where marketing and sales teams work closely together to facilitate lead generation. However, when too many people get involved in handling too many of the same processes, the sales funnel thins out as prospects who want more time and attention bail out.

    Consider hiring a team of lead generation experts to help facilitate the process of handing leads over to the sales team. A team of reliable lead generation specialists serves as an extension of your business, ensuring leads are highly qualified and sales-ready.

    Outsourcing Your Lead And Demand Generation Efforts

    There are sustaining benefits to outsourcing your lead generation and nurturing process to a qualified metrics-based firm. They act as an extension of your business, trained to represent the brand image you want to project while ensuring leads are highly qualified and sales-ready.

    An outsourced lead generation or appointment setting firm increases the efficiency of your sales team by allowing your salespeople to focus on closing deals, instead of finding them.

    This ultimately translates into a higher ROI for your medical device sales company.

    Have you discovered the ROI-boosting benefits of outsourcing medical sales appointment setting?

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