• Part 2: Secrets To Successful Medical Sales Appointment Setting

    In the first installment of this three-part blog series on insider secrets to improve your medical sales appointment setting, the focus was on how the process of setting appointments may actually be preventing your team from closing deals at a faster rate.

    Essentially, if your sales team is doing the work of scheduling their own appointments, they are stuck in a process where it takes weeks to qualify a single prospect. This time could be better spent working on qualified medical device sales opportunities – what your sales team is really good at.

    To give your current process an overhaul, the following “secrets” of medical sales appointment setting help ensure your sales team is given what’s necessary to close deals at a higher rate:

    Secret #1: Never Set Appointments For Unqualified Leads

    To connect with qualified leads, it’s highly recommended that marketing and demand generation teams rid themselves of the BANT standards for lead generation, as they no longer apply to today’s consumer behavior.

    Instead, sales leads should be qualified with the ODAC methodology:

    Open: Your sales team uses an open, customer-centric approach
    Discover: Learn about your prospect’s pains and problems
    Agreement: Get your customer to envision your product working for them
    Close: Guide your prospect through the logistics of their decision to buy

    When you understand your prospects’ needs, you are able to handle the decision phase in an appropriate way, by working on ways to stay in touch with and continually educate your sales-ready prospects.

    Secret #2: Use Your Medical Sales Database To Its Fullest Potential

    Your database of leads and prospects is likely your medical device company’s greatest revenue-generating asset, provided your sales team is actually using it to drive conversions.

    If you’re looking to bring more opportunities through your sales pipeline, multiply your rate of contact with leads in your sales database to shine light on ways to generate more positive activity.

    Twice a year, you should aim to contact everyone in your sales database and clean out old information and identify quality leads. This reduces the need to be dependent on new outbound prospecting.

    Stay tuned for Part 3, the final installment in this blog series on medical sales appointment setting, and learn two more insider secrets that help drive the success of your sales team.

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