• Part 2: How Much Should Inside Sales Reps Know About Healthcare IT?

    In Part I of this two-part series, we debunked the myth that you need to hire sales reps with clinical, healthcare IT experience to sell your products or services.

    While an inside sales team doesn’t need to have a background in healthcare to be effective, we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss what knowledge inside sales reps do need to speak intelligently about the solutions you provide.

    So, how much should your inside sales reps know about healthcare IT to help drive revenue?

    Where Most Healthcare IT Companies Fail At Inside Sales

    At the top of the sales funnel, many healthcare IT companies lack some ability to connect with prospects and have meaningful upfront conversations. (Or, they lack having any inside sales solution at all.) Outside sales reps don’t have the time to cold call, but if they turn around after working several deals (which is taking all of their time), they’re consistently turning back to a sales pipeline that is dry. The result is revenue that ebbs and flows, rather than a sales process that creates continual revenue opportunities.

    Ideally, your healthcare IT company should have inside sales reps contributing to the sales pipeline and feeding outside sales reps a continuous stream of highly vetted prospective customers. If you don’t have the ability to employ an inside sales function on your own, a viable option is to outsource this necessary component to a sales partner that solely focuses on lead generation and appointment setting.

    Inside Sales Reps Should Know Enough To Exemplify Value

    Your inside sales team certainly needs a working knowledge of your products or services to showcase their value. But, what inside sales reps really need is enough information to identify a prospect’s pain point or need, as well as how to position your product or service as the right solution.

    One core ingredient to exemplifying value is not necessarily healthcare related, but rather about fully understanding the environment your sales team is speaking to. If a prospect’s IT department is structured in a certain way, your inside sales team needs to know that structure to more easily find the right person who is experiencing the pain or need. Once your inside sales reps are in touch with the right person, they have all the training to identify a pain or need and showcase your value.

    Also, because inside sales reps are attuned to identifying the correct influencers and decision-makers, they are also working to develop a robust contact database that may be used for both sales and marketing efforts. All contacts in the database are defined as to where they are in their own decision-making journey, so you know how and when to contact them.

    An Inside Sales Solution Is All About ‘More At Bats’

    As you work to improve your healthcare IT sales process, it’s likely your own key pain is continually identifying more potential clients, and that’s exactly what an outsourced inside sales team does. Outsourced inside sales reps get you more targeted, sales-ready leads and work to get your brand name out in front of the right audience.

    Through these inside sales efforts, they are qualifying in or out people, so your own in-house sales team is only going out to shake hands and make deals with people who are truly interested in your products or services.

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