• Part 1: Is Appointment Setting Dragging Your Medical Sales Team Down?

    Setting medical sales appointments is not an easy process. Nailing down a single appointment takes multiple phone conversations and email exchanges.

    In fact, the standard in medical sales appointment setting is that you need to contact an average of 10 companies to obtain one qualified sales appointment (meaning the prospect is not only a decision-maker but sales-ready).

    If your medical sales team is scheduling their own appointments, they are running a one-to-one nurturing campaign where it takes weeks to qualify a single prospect. When you take a closer look at this approach, your sales process introduces damaging inefficiencies.

    Time spent looking for sales-ready leads translates into hours lost working on qualified sales opportunities rather than closing deals.

    Do you truly believe this is how your salespeople’s time should be spent?

    Probably not.

    Ask yourself the following three questions for a quick, useful short-term way to measure your appointment setting success:

    • Do your salespeople schedule their own appointments?
    • Are your leads pre-qualified so your sales team isn’t losing valuable time?
    • Is your sales database being used to its fullest potential?

    If you answered “yes,” “no,” “no” to these questions, it’s definitely time to recalibrate your medical sales process with proven appointment setting strategies.

    So, what does it take to streamline the appointment setting process so that your medical sales team is empowered to stay focused on nurturing those prospects in the consideration phase and engage in discussions with warmed-up leads?

    In part 2 and 3 of this blog series, you’ll discover the following secrets to successful medical sales appointment setting:

    • Why your salespeople should never set their own appointments
    • Ways to facilitate only qualified leads to your salespeople
    • How to ensure qualified leads don’t slip through the cracks of your pipeline
    • What steps to take to maintain a strong sales database for your team

    If you think your medical device company is best equipped with only an internal marketing and sales team, it’s highly likely these team members are spending too much time focusing on non-core responsibilities of their job to drive leads and close deals. This is a huge detriment to your business’s ability to produce ROI.

    What you need is a way to facilitate qualified leads to medical sales appointment setters who do the heavy lifting of scheduling a bona fide sales call.

    Have you discovered the ROI-boosting benefits of outsourcing medical sales appointment setting?

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