• Outsourcing Telemarketing

    Outsourcing telemarketing is a proven way to maximize revenue by shifting the early elements of the sales cycle off of your sales team.  An experienced, expert B2B telemarketing campaign can focus on lead generation so that you can focus on closing sales.  Doing so accelerates your lead pipeline and increases efficiency by creating divisions of labor.

    Since there are so elements at stake, the insourcing vs. outsourcing telemarketing decision can be a tough one to make.  Financial and personnel decisions have to be made, and the proper asset allocation strategy must be created and implemented.  (For the record, here is a good article, written by B2B sales and marketing guru M. H. “Mac” McIntosh, that delves more deeply into this matter.)  Though all these elements must be considered and balanced before a path is taken, generally speaking, it’s a good idea to favor outsourcing telemarketing if you have a fairly fixed number of stable employees, and you want to keep it that way.

    More specifically, if your employees (or your budget for additional ones) is already overstretched, it would be a good idea to consider outsourcing your operations.  It’s also something to consider if your sales are seasonally oriented and organizing a large, efficient, temporary telemarketing department just isn’t feasible.  This option is also a good one if you want to get your sales cycle off the ground quickly, since quality, outsourced B2B telemarketing operations are highly trained and able to snap into action with little start-up time.

    B2B Telemarketing Companies Are Not Created Equal

    Should you decide to go the outsourcing route, there are a few areas of the prospective organizations you’re considering that you should research.  First, see what kind of track record and experience the company has.  Also secure a written proposal so that you can see specifically what the company intends to do and how it intends to do it.  Finally, ask for references, and follow up on them.  You don’t want to trust your sales cycle with an inexperienced start-up, so be sure to select a lead generation company that has the proven background to help.