• How Outsourcing Telecom Sales Helps Contain Costs And Attain Results

    Three areas create hidden costs in telecom sales: lack of ownership, lack of prestige and ramp-up time. Outsourcing telecom sales provides solutions – and savings – in all of these areas.

    1. Clear Ownership

    By moving to an outsourced sales team, you stop the disruptions to your primary mission caused by the hot-potato game of “who’s going to handle an inside sales department?” The move simplifies the organizational chart. Just as importantly, though, it frees up your managers to handle the functions in their areas of expertise, potentially improving productivity in the department of the reluctant “volunteer” who’d been handling the inside sales team.

    In addition to improving operations dedicated to your main mission, outsourcing means that trained professionals are doing the job properly. A telecom sales partner provides results that are as good (if not better) than your in-house team, at a cost that can be as much as 50% less than your current expenses – all within a clear chain of command.

    2. No Additional Investment In Workspace

    Just as an internal sales department may not fit well into your organizational chart, the actual physical department may not fit well into your office space. The work process, which calls for a significant investment in equipment, may be at odds with the hours and activities of the rest of your staff. When a telecom sales partner handles the work off-site, though, these concerns disappear – literally.

    3. Decreased Downtime

    High employee attrition and the associated staff churn means some telecom sales employees are usually undergoing training at any given time. When that staff is yours, the onboarding period – which can last up to a month and a half – is a period of minimal sales and thus an abysmal ROI. Staff churn creates a productivity graph that resembles a roller coaster. With an outsourced sales team, those peaks and valleys can flatten out significantly, while hopefully maintaining an upward trend.

    Even if your partner experiences its own turnover issues, that shouldn’t affect the calls being made on your behalf. Since an outsourced sales team generally has multiple clients, it can usually move resources around to make sure that a constant level of coverage is maintained.

    In addition to these cost savings, the right telecom sales partner can actually improve your ROI by providing services such as industry insight, experience working with small and medium businesses, and ongoing training.

    Ready to learn more about how your bottom line can improve by moving to outsourced sales?

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